Opinion Piece — Ethics and The Laws

Personal Feelings About the Game of Bridge

What This Is About

Bridge HandExcept for a 15-year hiatus from my mid-twenties through my thirties, I have been playing bridge, off and on since my last year of high school (I am now 73). I feel that I’m an ethical bridge player and I like to think that I treat my opponents with respect. But I am not going to be a hypocrite. I too sometimes get so frustrated that my emotions rather than my reason jump to the fore (when that happens, I try to make sure I apologize to my opponents and assure them that I mean it, as I do).

When my emotions do get the upper-hand, it generally has something to do with how the game is played. I beg your indulgence, but that is what this article is about — how the game is played.

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Revokes and Insufficient Bids

Director’s Rulings — Insufficient Bids and Revokes

The latest version of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge have increased the proportion of laws where the Director has to exercise judgement, as in “were the non-offenders damaged?”. In this article I will discuss what the Laws say, rather than how an individual Director might rule. Note: If a particular law does not use phrases such as “in the Director’s opinion” or “if the Director judges”, then the Director is supposed to rule exactly as the law states without using their own judgement.

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