My Beliefs Shattered Again

When I first learned to play bridge, in my last year of high school, I read some books by the late Terence Reese. He was, and is, acknowledged as one of the finest bridge writers. In a way, he was my bridge idol. A scant few months later during the 1965 World Bridge Championships in Buenos Aires, the bridge world was rocked by the accusation of cheating levelled against Reese and his partner, Boris Shapiro. It was reported in newspapers and magazines around the world and in subsequent years Reese wrote a book about it (“Story of an Accusation“) as did Alan Truscott (“The Great Bridge Scandal“) — not surprisingly, both books support opposing views of Reese and Shapiro’s guilt.

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The World Bridge Federation

Some of you may have heard of the “World Bridge Federation” (WBF). It is the umbrella organization that is responsible for the bridge laws (Laws of Duplicate Bridge) and for holding world bridge championships and other world-wide events.

There are “independent” organizations that are members, directly or indirectly of the WBF. They fall into a hierarchy as follows:

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