Enjoying the Game of Bridge

When I do my short (approximately 5-minute) chat before a game that I’m directing, I talk about things like “leads out of turn”, “revokes”, “unauthorized information” and the “role of the director”. Those sorts of things tend to deal purely with the auction and the play; however, there is another aspect of the game — the social aspect.

None of us participate in bridge to have a miserable time. The Bridge Laws touch on this topic. There are rules pertaining to players’ conduct and how they treat other players. No player should be acting in a manner that spoils other players’ enjoyment of the game.

Our local bridge club believes strongly in this aspect of bridge and will ban players that act in a rude or boorish way towards other players.

As well, our zonal organization, the ACBL, has regulations governing behaviour. One of its policies is called “Zero Tolerance” which means exactly what it says — no tolerance for obnoxious, rude or bigoted behaviour (including, of course, racial, religious…).

We were lucky, and honoured, to have a lovely lady teach a session at our club and play in a couple of our games. Barbara Seagram was one of the co-founders of the Zero Tolerance movement and has lobbied the ACBL Board of Directors tirelessly to improve the implementation of Zero Tolerance in a positive way so that all of us have an enjoyable experience playing bridge, whether at the club level or when participating in national tournaments.

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