A Most Pleasant Experience…

Bridge HandI played with Leo Weniger in two events of the St. John’s Sectional this past weekend. Leo was visiting from Halifax and one of the things that made this such a great experience for me was Leo’s conduct at the table. I have never played in very many tournaments, but have played in a few — from Club championships, Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals, Zonals and one (former) World Bridge Olympiad. It doesn’t take many tournaments to get a feel for the general deportment.

I mainly play at the local club and so almost exclusively matchpoint pairs games. I played with Leo in the Knock-out Teams and the final Swiss Teams, so it was great to be playing teams again.

What made this such a pleasure for me is that Leo:

  • Didn’t give lessons
  • Rarely commented on a hand
  • Didn’t criticise
  • Didn’t gloat
  • Didn’t try to show-off his bridge knowledge
  • Didn’t get angry
  • Did remain calm
  • Was polite at all times
  • Didn’t let opponents needle him

Boy, what a great time I had!

That deportment is something for all of us to strive for. It makes our game a pleasurable experience for all. Remember, we play this game to enjoy ourselves and if we make it a fun experience for others, they may very well return the favour.

Thank you Leo.

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