Our Very Own LOL!

If you ask most young people today, they would say ”LOL“ stands for ”Laughing Out Loud“; but if you ask bridge players, they are more likely to say ”Little Old Lady“. It’s not a pejorative, but a little ironic. It tends to come up in conversations like:

I was playing in xxx at the recent NABC, when we sat down opposite a pair of LOLs. Do you know what they did to me? The auction went… and there I was playing in 5 Doubled. When the smoke cleared, I had gone for 1400!

The Birthday Girl

We have our very own LOL, Eileen Wakeham. Eileen became a nonagenarian this past Monday (2015-11-23). As well as birthday celebrations at both our main bridge clubs here in St. John‘s, there’s another story.

During her married life, Eileen travelled all over the world and played bridge in foreign lands many of us have never visited. In the process she became a Bronze Life Master. However, in conversations, she stated that she couldn’t really travel that much any more — so no more tournaments. She said, quite wistfully, that she only needed another 40 masterpoints to become a Silver Life Master, but she had given up on reaching that goal.

Well, that wouldn’t do! Co-ordinated by Joan Fitzgerald (Bridge on the Edge) and aided and abetted by Marilyn Bennett (The Ace of Clubs), a group of the best players in St. John’s started partnering Eileen — with the express purpose of getting her those 40 masterpoints!

On Remembrance Day, not quite two weeks before her 90th birthday, I was lucky enough to be playing with Eileen when she reached that goal — Eileen is now a Silver Life Master. It will take a while for the ACBL record-keeping to catch up, but we expect to see Eileen in those “milestone” listings in the Bridge Bulletin.

Some Pictures — 2015-11-19

Eileen and John    Eileen and Joan
Eileen with John (left) and Joan (right)

The Game
We cannot celebrate without playing bridge!

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