A Bit of an Overhaul

I’ve been playing a bit more bridge lately, both face-to-face at a local club and online (BBO). One consequence is that I’ve been putting up more articles on this website.

I also took the opportunity to review the website and have made some changes. I hope you like them.

trash-fullRemoved material related to my teaching and directing at one of the local bridge clubs (it has its own website).

organizeSet up a series of web pages for bridge material so that it is organized and easily accessible (click on the Bridge Notes tab at the top).

securityIncreased the site’s security. Although I don’t provide downloads, I wanted to be part of the move to a more secure web. So now, when you visit this site, you will notice the URLs change to start with “https://” (which stands for “Secure HTTP”). Most browsers will show a little icon beside the URL (or in a status bar somewhere) to indicate this (Firefox uses a little padlock icon).

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