2 thoughts on “The Bridge Tools”

  1. Hi John
    Its Jonathan Cook – we are presently developing a web page for Bridge on the Edge and would very much like to include some if not all of your content – also we are meeting after Thursday's game August 11 in an effort to assist players who may wish to become accredited Directors – our thinking is if there were more qualified Directors in the St. John's area than the pressure on individuals who are presently qualified would be reduced – Hopefully you may play on Thursday and stay afterwards to offer some advise and support. – or just come to our meeting which starts after the game say 4:45pm

    • Hi Jonathan,
      I’m not quite sure what you are after. Clearly, if you want to reference content on my website, you would provide a link (URL) on your website and then people could visit my site to view its content. The content itself is covered under copyright laws and should not be copied and used as content on another website.

      I agree that more qualified and accredited (not the same thing!) directors would be a good thing.

      If I can, I will come to your meeting.


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