This is the personal bridge blog of John Goold (JRG — which is also my user-id on BBO).

It is about the game of bridge — my personal thoughts and observations.

There are posts about The Laws. There are a great many misconceptions around The Laws and the role of The Director. Hopefully I can help to dispel some of those.

As well there are general observations and discussions about common failings among bridge players (that is, with regard to how they play the game of bridge!).

My wife and I lived in Costa Rica for 8 years (we had “permanent residency”), where I was involved with the national bridge organization (NBO), the ARNB de Costa Rica. I served as both Vice-President and President (at different times!). I was also fortunate enough, several times, to be on the team that won the National Teams Championship and to represent Costa Rica in the World Bridge Olympiad (Open Teams) in 2004 (Istanbul, Turkey).

I am certified as a Club Director in the CACBF (Zone 5 of the WBF) and ACBL (Zone 2).

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