Bridge Tools for Bloggers

The Bridge Tools is a set of tools for creating bridge diagrams for use in web pages, such as blogs. As such, they generate HTML that can be copy-and-pasted as desired. They save the need to know the intricacies of HTML and the fine-tuning of the mark-up to get decent-looking diagrams. All that has to be done is enter cards, bids, etc., as appropriate to the diagram. The resulting diagrams have a similar appearance.

The Bridge Tools can be run from a page on this site or you can download a ZIP file and install them on your own computer. The tools run in a browser, so are not dependent on whether you run OS-X, Windows or Linux (I use the latter).

You can read the documentation to get a feel for the types of diagrams that can be generated and how a full-deal diagram is used to populate other diagrams, saving you the effort of re-entering hands. By using them on this site, you should be able to tell if they are useful for you and would serve your needs. Since all the code is available in the download, you could even modify the tools to generate diagrams with, for example, your own color scheme (provided you have the technical skills).

I use a version of The Bridge Tools on this site for any diagrams I need and they are used on — in both cases the version used is a WordPress plug-in (which is how the tools were originally developed).