About the Bridge Tools

The Bridge Tools is released under the MIT License and you are free to use them for your own purposes. If you make improvements to them, I would appreciate your sharing them with me. You can contact me at bridge@goold.net

The Bridge Tools are written in HTML with embedded JavaScript and uses the open source (MIT License) Colorbox created by Jack Moore (www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/).

In 2012 I wrote a WordPress plug-in for use on the Networked WordPress (“Multi-site”) installation, bridgeblogging.com. That same year I created a standalone version that could be run locally on one’s own computer. At the time, it was only released to Lakshmanan Valliappa who prompted the work and provided feedback. He has his own bridge blogging site: bridgemishaps.blogspot.ca

I had thought of making The Bridge Tools generally available, but never got around to it — until now. I have updated the code to use the current JavaScript library (2.2.2) and Colorbox (1.6.3).

The WordPress plug-in is integrated, as a tool-bar, with WordPress’s Visual editor. Both it and the standalone version work similarly. The plug-in inserts a bridge diagram directly into your blog post; the standalone version displays the diagram and the HTML code used for the diagram — meaning you can copy-and-paste that HTML code directly into your blog posts (you need to make sure you use an editor that allows HTML or has a Text mode that allows HTML).

The plug-in uses an external CSS style sheet to handle presentation, including styles that are part of the WordPress theme being used on the website. While the same approach was used initially for the standalone version, it is not always practical to use style sheets on any particular blog site. Accordingly, although it is not as clean to use in-line styles, that is what has been done.