Enjoying the Game of Bridge

When I do my short (approximately 5-minute) chat before a game that I’m directing, I talk about things like “leads out of turn”, “revokes”, “unauthorized information” and the “role of the director”. Those sorts of things tend to deal purely with the auction and the play; however, there is another aspect of the game — the social aspect.

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A Bridge Board

The lowly bridge board, the tray that holds 52 cards as four separate bridge hands — would it ever be hard to play duplicate bridge without it. It is central to our game, but so often we fail to follow the rules about using it and how the cards are to be controlled.

Some of those rules are so ingrained that we follow them by habit, but others we sometimes seem blissfully unaware of.

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You’re in Your Hand…

If I had to guess the most common infraction in bridge (and guess because I don’t keep statistics), I would say it is declarer leading from the wrong hand. He leads from Dummy when he won the last trick in his hand or the other way around.

Now I’m rarely called to the table when this occurs (the other night was an exception as I gave this chat before the game!). However, it is an infraction.

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