You’re in Your Hand…

If I had to guess the most common infraction in bridge (and guess because I don’t keep statistics), I would say it is declarer leading from the wrong hand. He leads from Dummy when he won the last trick in his hand or the other way around.

Now I’m rarely called to the table when this occurs (the other night was an exception as I gave this chat before the game!). However, it is an infraction.

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Bidding Boxes — A Source of UI

UI, “Unauthorized Information”, is the bane of the ethical bridge player’s life. He or she tries hard to play by the rules, but gets hurt because some players don’t. We can, perhaps, forgive some of those players as being “ignorant of The Laws“, but it is not really a very good excuse. If you are going to play a game, especially seriously, then you should learn the rules of the game.

That, as I’ve said, is what inspired this series of blog posts and my 5-minute “chats” before the start of games I run.

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