Helping Our Fellow Man

In my last post, I mentioned that Barbara Seagram taught a session at our local bridge club. What I didn’t discuss was a significant aspect of this. Yes, it was teaching about bridge (defending against no trump contracts), but the other aspect is that Barbara, and others, are putting a significant effort into raising funds to help their fellow men. They are raising money to purchase water filters for the villages of Laos.

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The August 2013 ACBL Bridge Bulletin

I have to be honest, I’d rather read The Bridge World than the Bridge Bulletin. That’s not because the latter is a bad magazine, but I’m simply not interested in who has won what Regional or National tournament, who has made Life Master or where the various tournaments are. The former happens to suit my bridge tastes, but it’s a bit pricey and I find I don’t always finish reading one month’s Bridge World before the next arrives.

I said the “Bulletin” isn’t bad. In fact, it usually has some quite interesting articles.

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