Jan 28

Deportment at the Table

I was searching the Internet for some bridge information and happened across Larry Cohen’s web site, which I spent a bit of time browsing. I’d like to share with you some of his views on how one should conduct oneself at the bridge table:


It’s a brief article with a few graphics. Although he doesn’t mention the Laws, a number of his suggestions are how the Laws say one should act. I have a lot of respect for Larry Cohen.

Larry is also a frequent contributor to the ACBL Bridge Bulletin.

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Jan 16

Slow Play & Claiming

I’ve discussed slow play before. There are lots of things that can be done by players to speed up the game, but I would like to chat about one that does not seem to get much press.

Over the past few months, as I wandered around the tables, I noticed something that is not only annoying but against the bridge laws. That is, some players play out every trick — and some of them rather slowly — even when they have a clear-cut claim. Read More »

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Nov 30

Discussing Hands at the Table

The previous post discussed pairs duplicate bridge being a timed game and some courtesies that can help everyone play within the time constraints.

I’d like to discuss one of those in a little more detail as it is one of the ones that causes the most problems and is one of the most irritating for other players. Read More »

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Sep 05

Any Questions Partner?

A bid has just been followed by three Passes. You are on lead and the auction is over. Or is it?

This discussion is about games played under ACBL regulations (there are some differences in other zones). It seems a lot of players do not have a clear understanding about the end of the auction and the asking of questions about the auction.

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